Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spooky and Puff

I'm starting to believe we have a ghost cat in the country or Papa has been seeing things or he has some sort of uncanny ability where felines are concerned....we've yet to decide. Many years ago when we lived in the city full time, there was a feral kitten that hung around the house. Coal black with the most beautiful gold eyes. He would slink here and there and startled me many times and we started calling him Spooky.

We had a housecat at the time and Spooky was sort of wild, so we never considered him to be more than a neighborhood cat but we did start leaving out bowls of food and water because he seemed to spend alot of time around our house.

After a bit, a neighbor threatened to "eliminate" Spooky who had started using their flower beds as his toilet. This distressed Fantastic Son greatly as he was pretty young at the time and had gotten attached to the wild Spooky, as much as is possible with a feral cat.

So after minimum discussion (this Grammy is a great animal lover), we decided we would try to catch Mr. Spook and domesticate him, thus saving him from any impending violence that the neighbor had planned. It didn't take long for Spooky to be robbed of his freedom (a 13 year old boy is quite adept at catching things). So Spooky started life as an indoor cat in our basement.

Since he had been living out in the wild we were concerned about disease and didn't want to infect our other indoor animals. I had spoken with the vet and he said when we could hold him for a short time and were able to get him in a carrier, to bring him in for shots and neutering. We worked with Spooky for a week or so and decided he was ready for his trip to the vet.

Our part was easy but the vet's assistant later told me that Spooky had gotten loose in the office and they had a very hard time recatching him---had to use a large butterfly net!

Anyway, Spooky received his shots, was neutered and declawed (I know some think this is inhumane but he was a big, wild boy and my small delicate girl kitty needed protection--she had her claws still.) And so we brought him home to recooperate and adjust to living inside. Needless to say he and my girl kitty, Minnie, had a few adjustment spats (Minnie got the worse one night when Spooky bit her leg to the bone---he had huge "canine" teeth for a cat.)

Then a few months later, we decided to take the circus to the country. Kids, dogs, cats, Papa and I moved to the country home where we would live full-time for the first five years before we purchased our weekday city home.

Spooky lasted one day inside the country house and escaped to live in the wild once again. We were upset that he had gotten out and no matter what we tried, we couldn't capture the elusive Spook this time. He would watch us from afar but when any of us got too close, he took off. It was a little concerning that he had no front claws but after seeing what his bite did to dear Minnie, I figured he would be fine outside. He reinforced this when we would find dead birds and small animals laying about, so we knew he was hunting for his food but we started leaving him bowls of food and water outside. We then started noticing him coming around regularly in the morning and evening for his meals.

Sometimes he brought friends....several. One time we had as many as 5 cats hanging around for the free food. But he eluded capture and made it known that he was perfectly happy being an outside cat once again.

FS would tell us of all the places that he spotted Spooky in his daily travels, some areas kind of far from the house, but mostly in the fields and woods right around the country house.

On two occasions, very, very cold nights, I did manage to catch Spooky to bring him in for the night but he loudly (and all night long) let us know how unhappy he was. So after that, I outfitted the old doghouse in the backyard with an old dog bed and hay and would put food and water in there on the really cold nights and he sought shelter there a time or two.

Spooky was still pretty wild but he got to where he would come and jump on my lap when I was sitting outside and just lay down and purr. He also went on walks with us. Papa and I and the dogs would wander around up and down the property and down the gravel/dirt roads around our house and we had to adjust our walking speed because Spooky couldn't keep up as much as he tried. Sometimes he would disappear in the woods along the way and pop back out and join us on the return route.

As he got older, he spent more and more time in the lawnchair on the front porch; his food bowl was on the table close at hand. Or he would sun himself on the hill beside the driveway where the wild irises grew in the Spring. That was always a pretty picture, coal black Spooky laying among the colorful flowers in the sun.

Then after five years, we bought the city house close to work to stay at during the workweek. Spooky was getting older and very set in his ways and we decided not to disrupt his life by moving him. The other animals learned to travel back and forth, from house to house with us, but we knew Spooky wouldn't tolerate this. So we bought large food and water containers so he would have plenty to eat and drink while we were gone. Actually we started off only leaving him alone for a couple of days at a time. We would come to the city on Sunday night and I usually went back down to spend the night on Tuesday or Wednesday (before the P's) to check the house, get the mail, and feed Spooky and any of his buddies that might be visiting.

Spooky always walked out to the driveway to meet me when I drove in, sometimes berating me for my absence (he got kind of vocal the older he got). But I would fill his food and water bowls, go for a short walk with him, and then sit on the porch with him in my lap and all was forgiven....until the next time I left.

Then one Thursday morning about two years ago, I left early for work and he was laying in the chair on the porch and when I returned on Friday afternoon, he was gone. We looked for him all weekend, searching all his favorite haunts, leaving bowls of food everywhere, asking the neighbors. But noone seemed to know where he went, he had just vanished. We never saw any evidence of a "struggle" which would have been hard to take. Thinking something had killed him. He was very road wise and avoided it at all costs (except when walking with us), so we weren't afraid that he had became roadkill. Spooky was just gone. For several weeks, every time we went to the country, we would repeat all this looking for him, but to no avail.

Puff: Papa told me a story about when he was a little boy, he had a cat named Puff. Puff was an inside/outside cat and did OK in the neighborhood they lived in but one day Puff vanished. Papa was very distraught but went on with his life the way little boys do. Then about five years after Puff had disappeared, his dad came home and announced that "your cat is outside".

Papa raced outside and saw Puff standing in the yard in a rainstorm. Puff just looked at him for a minute and turned around and walked away, never to be seen again. Papa is convinced that Puff came back just to say goodbye to him (before what he didn't know, just a goodbye in front of another disappearance).

And how, you ask, does this have anything to do with our wild Spooky story? Well, about three weeks ago, Papa pulled in the driveway at the country house and was walking to the front door and there between the house and garage, he swears to me, sat Spooky. It was dark but he said he was positive it was Spooky (mentioned some way Spooky moved or turned his head). Papa stopped and they looked at each other and then Spooky melted back into the darkness.

Of course, I was so excited. I ran outside looking around, calling his name, put out food and water on his table, everything, but I never saw as much as a glimpse. Papa is convinced Spooky dropped by to say "goodbye." Going off to wherever Puff went after his goodbye. (One wonders why these cats decide to say "goodbye" to only Papa---something to ponder later.)

Occasionally, Snoopy will take off to the barn or the back of the garage chasing something and I imagine she's chasing Spooky (that was her favorite pasttime) but I never see this ghost critter that Snoopy is chasing.

Snoopy and Spooky were quite fond of each other and Snoopy got into the habit of running full speed at Spooky and knocking into him rolling him through the yard. This scared us as Snoopy grew and got bigger and stronger and we would yell at Spooky to run when we would see Snoopy get revved up for her game but Spooky never ran and actually seemed to enjoy this playing with the dog.

Such an odd cat he was (or is, I have hope now). And think, wouldn't it would be marvelous to look out the kitchen window this Spring and see Spooky laying on the hill among the wild irises sunning himself once more.

I'll let you know what happens.

Signing off for now....Grammy

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am such a creature of habit. Every morning when I get to work, the first thing I do when I log onto my computer is get my IM up in case someone needs to talk to me immediately. Sometimes I also need to share something I saw on my ride in (all of 2 miles) with Papa before I forget or sometimes I'm supposed to remind him of something else. We go around telling each other to "remind me" of this or that and who knows how many times we have forgotten to do the reminding!

Anyway, after my IM goes up, I record in my work hours for the day--in advance lest I forget and not do it in the evening when I'm brain dead and, therefore, not get paid for the full day.

I then open my personal email and see if anything happened overnight that needs my attention. A lot of the time I have a note from Gulliver that needs to be returned.

Then I start my travels. First I go to Canada and visit Louise, then I head to Oklahoma and check in with Ree, and then I go to the island of Roatan and see what Jeanette and Don are doing. You know, of course, I don't really go to these places, they are actually blogs I have become addicted to and these people (all of whom are strangers except for Don in Roatan) seem to have become friends via the internet.

Louise Penny writes wonderful mystery books based in Canada and I swear, her blog is like reading an additional book. She leads such an interesting life and explains the writing/editing/all the processes of making a book. Plus she has interesting travels all her own with her husband, Michael. Shoot, she had me in stitches when she drove to Vermont to get gas and got in trouble with Customs going back home on one trip. And the best part, if you comment on her blog, she writes back to you right away so you get that added benefit of that personal touch. Always good for a continuing friendship.

Ree lives on a cattle ranch in northern Oklahoma. I've figured out which town she lives in (I'm from OK also) but she goes to extremes to protect her privacy, so I won't tell you either. She is married to a 4th generation cattle rancher and they also take in several hundred/thousand wild mustangs from the Government's Federal Wild Horse/Burro program. She is quite the photographer and her web site (http://www.pioneerwoman.com/ this doesn't show up on the profile you see, I guess it's my private profile that keeps track of her site) but it is chock full of pictures of her life on the ranch and her 4 kids she calls "the punks" and all the cowboys that work on the ranch and horses, my goodness, all the pictures of those beautys. Another very interesting life to view from the outside. She is also a good cook, posts receipes; and is writing a book "Black Heels and Tractor Wheels" or something like that about meeting her husband, Marlboro Man. Her's is the blog that tends to overwhelm me at times just because of her creativity and she's hiding away in Oklahoma....

Don (a former co-worker of mine) and his wife, Jeanette moved to the island of Roatan less than a year ago, after he retired. I had never even heard of this island (off the coast of Honduras) but I'm learning more and more about it every day. When Don first told me of this place, I asked how in the world did you find it. His response started with "Well, I met a guy in a bar in Belize one night.....!!!) Jeanette is another marvelous photographer and has a way with the words as well. (Blog is the The View from La Puetra Trasera....in my list) So while I am enduring snow and ice here in the Midwest, I can live vicariously through them in the sunshine on a tropical island!!

So these are my new internet friends (I've used all their real names because they do) and if you are interested in meeting them, they are found on my profile in the "Blogs I Follow" section. I really think you'll like them as much as I do once you get to know them.

Oh and before I forget....then I go to work on what they pay me to do!!!! (my poor boss)

Signing off....Traveling Grammy

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Buddy System--ALWAYS

Well, we had our first Elder gathering of the new year last night at a local hotel to celebrate Christmas and exchange the home-made gifts we had each made for each other. What fun we had. Everyone was so creative. I made photo boards for everyone (with creative consulting and help from DD) full of great pictures and quotes applicable to each of the girls. Polly made us homemade candles with sand and seashells in little drinking glasses. Tiny Sun matted and frames cards we had collected at the art fair in October (that started this whole "let's make each other something" debacle), and Aunt Cracker painted each of us a painting (who knew she painted!) that was focused on our personality. Mine is red with a cleft note and signed Love, Elvis.

How creative all us girls were! Hopefully, we'll do something like this again. I think everyone really surprised theirselves with how creative they can be.

Our hotel was spectacular. Thanks to Polly for organizing that. We had lots of chatting, drinking, a delish meal at a local restaurant, and then headed to the casino. This was where our evening took a turn for the worst. Did I mention we were drinking? And a lot!

Well, we had pre-cocktail hour drinks in the room while opening gifts and catching up, then free drinks at the hotel cocktail hour, drinks while we were waiting an hour for a table at the restaurant, and drinks with dinner, and when we arrived at the casino, we found a marvelous martini bar and settled in for drinks.

Polly really enjoys gambling. That is the reason we were at the casino. The rest of us could care less about it and myself---I find casinos extremely depressing. Just people-watch at one some time and you'll see what I mean. That's me and my opinion and I don't think less of anyone who enjoys gambling. I'm probably the only one who's been to Las Vegas and didn't gamble (except two tries at the penny slots while I was waiting for Papa who was in the restroom), but I met Elvis (tee-hee). Don't get it, don't really want to get it. I guess I'm just more materialistic and want something concrete for my money.

Anyhoo, we are enjoying extremely delicious martinis right outside the casino itself and kept urging Polly to go ahead and get her gambling over with, we would just stay put because we had no interest in going in. But she kept hanging out with us until we discovered it was 11:30. Marty from the hotel shuttle service, who had been driving us to and fro all night, said the shuttle stopped at 12 and we needed to call before then to get our last ride back to the hotel.

So we told Polly she had about 15 minutes to go gamble, we were calling the shuttle for our pickup in a few minutes. So Polly left...ALONE...OUR FIRST MISTAKE. We know better than that. We always use the buddy system and never let one of us take off alone ANYWHERE. All I can do is blame our poor judgement on the many cocktails we had consumed.

The remaining three of us finished up our last drinks, had a restroom break, paid our tab and called the shuttle for our pickup. While Tiny Sun went to meet the shuttle, me and Aunt Cracker headed into the casino to retrieve Polly. There were thousands of people in this huge room and it was quite overwhelming but Cracker and I searched from one end to the other while she was calling Polly's cell phone every few minutes trying to reach her, with no luck.

We were starting to panic, couldn't find Polly and knew the shuttle was probably waiting for us. Our thought was that Tiny Sun was having her own issues so to speak after the last two martinis she had downed and we probably shouldn't have sent her off alone either. We really didn't know what to do but swiftly decided we needed to get on the shuttle to get back to the hotel, regroup, and if needed, we would have access to our cars and be able to drive back to the casino and look for Polly some more. (I know very poor judgement after our vast amounts of beverages, but we were starting to panic.)

So we made MISTAKE NUMBER TWO....we left an Elder behind! And we felt horrible about it. Both Cracker and Sun were calling Polly repeatedly and no answer. We were just sick about "misplacing her."

We got back to the hotel and up to our room and had a minor catostrophe when we realized that Sun, who had the other room key card, was totally looped, and couldn't find it. Cracker and I searched her purse and pockets and finally found it laying in the hallway by the elevators. We went into the room and to our astonishment found MISTAKE NUMBER THREE....Polly's cell phone on the table. We had no way to contact her and worse, she had no way to contact us.

So we did something we had never done before during an Elder gathering. We had to call a husband for advice. Cracker called The Toxic Avenger (formerly known as The Carpenter) to ask for advice. He was not pleased with us for one thing, reminding us of our buddy system and why did we not follow this. And he was worried about Polly but suggested we call the casino and have her paged. Good idea. We did that but were told they don't page but they checked her gambling card and said she was "not in play" on a machine.

Well, while this was happening, Tiny Sun and I had changed into our pajamas and were settling in for the night because we were thinking that Polly, who is very familiar with cabs, was just going to find us gone and get into a cab and would be there any minute. I believe, this just was a matter of trying to convince ourselves that all was going to be fine and Polly was going to walk in the door any minute. But we weren't very convincing and when Cracker got off the phone, we decided that we would leave Sun at the hotel to wait for Polly while Aunt Cracker and I would drive back over to the casino and look for her some more. We talked to the shuttle drivers at the hotel before we left and they suggested we contact the casino security if we couldn't find her.

So me in my pj's (with a jacket and boots) and Aunt Cracker headed back to the casino. Since I wasn't dressed, I was going to park by the door and wait rather than trying to park and go in (no one would have probably noticed how I was dressed anyway but I knew what I was wearing). Aunt Cracker went in to have another crack at the casino, check any bars that were still open, and talk to security. While she was on her mission, she was calling me every few minutes with updates and discussion of her next action and in between calls, I was calling Tiny Sun at the hotel---who failed to answer as she was down for the count unbeknownst to us!

Finally, after an hour and a half, Aunt Cracker, who was on the phone again with a worried Toxic Avenger, located Polly, snatched her by the arm and marched her to the front door and into the car. What a relief. I watch entirely too many true crime shows on tv and just knew the local serial killer had snatched her and we would never see her again. I believe Aunt Cracker was starting to think something bad had also happened to her because she had simply vanished. Polly said she had been at a roulette table (not using her gambling card) the whole time and didn't realize how much time had gone by since she left us in the martini bar. She thought it was only about 12 when it was actually closer to 1:30 a.m. by this time.

So we headed back to the hotel with Polly apologizing the whole way. But our night wasn't over...oh no! We got back to the room and it seemed to be empty. Tiny Sun was missing and we immediately went into another panic. We were calling her name and going from room to room---we had a suite, so had three rooms to check. We found her purse, wallet, cell phone, and one shoe so didn't think she had left but where was she? We did notice that the sheets and blankets on both beds were a wreck and piled up on each bed and we starting unraveling those and in the second bed we searched, there was Tiny Sun buried in a pile of blankets at the foot of the bed, passed out cold!

But all our Elders were now accounted for and we were very thankful. The rest of our time together was uneventful. We had a marvelous breakfast, swam, sat in the hot tub, had a mimosa, showered, and packed up about noon to head back to our regular lives. A nice time (excluding about 2 hours in the late night) was had. Project Martha was a great success. And we are already thinking about our next gathering.

Signing off....Grammy, headed to the bubble bath to try to recooperate from her visit with dear friends!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I decided some wrapping up of details needed to be written versus an actual topic for this blog.

Tiny Sun and I cashed in our gift certificate from the December Scavenger hunt we participated in on some Fleur de Lis key hooks for our purses and I got some delish Carmel Apple Butter from the same place. We also enjoyed a very nice lunch in the village of Augusta at Cafe Bella, a new restaurant. It was funny, halfway through our meal, we decided we had lunched there before when it was a different place, different decor, different menu, and different name. The meal was good on that day as it was good on the past day we lunched there.

I caught up with Polly, Mother Mary, and The Carpenter (Polly's husband) two weeks ago right after they returned from a trip to Washington D.C. Nice to visit and catch up with that side of the "family."

I hear The Weatherman has recooped very nicely from his hip surgery. I haven't seen Aunt Cracker in a while but......The Elders will be gathering on Friday afternoon for another infamous slumber party. This time we've rented a hotel room. We haven't met since before Christmas when I assigned them all homemade Christmas presents (of their own ideas and to be kept secret) to be exchanged at our next gathering which is this Friday. We've dubbed our activity Project Martha and I can't wait to see what everyone has made. Darling Daughter helped me with my craft selection and I think my Elders will enjoy their gift from me. Can't wait.

We've had a few snowstorms in the city and the country and sometimes in one place and not the other. Three weeks ago, it was "dry" in the city and we headed to the country for our weekend and it started snowing on us as we drove west. By the time we got home, everything was covered but the roads weren't bad at all, it was a dry blowing snow, the best kind to drive in.

Anyway, we enjoyed the snow all weekend and then came back to the city where it was still snow free. Then the next week, the entire state was dumped on--heavy wet snow on top of ice--not a good kind of snow for driving but another wonder----our gravel road in the country had been plowed when we journeyed out there at the end of the week. We called it a snow miracle.

Our renter, Joe, has left MO for TX to care for his ailing father. So Papa and I are back in the rehabbing business. The house Joe was working on for us was halfway finished, so we don't have a complete house to do but plenty enough before it's ready to sell.

Fantastic Son and Serious Girlfriend are doing well in their new house with all the bonus kids. Papa and I are traveling there the end of April for FS's 24th birthday. Can't wait to finally meet these bonus kids and my new grandpuppy, Deja. That's her real name but since she doesn't have a computer, I think keeping her identify secret is silly. Snoopy, on the other hand, tends to read over my shoulder at times, so she will remain anonymous.

My brother, Gulliver turned 46 last month and had an enjoyable birthday. I'm so proud of how he has been doing (another story that will be left untold). Actually, he was researching laptops for me (he just bought himself one) and I have one enroute to me at this time, maybe in my mailbox right now. Did I mention how proud I was of him? Here's to many more Happy Birthdays to you, Gulliver.

Papa has been in better spirits. Almost Step-Son has a regular VERY GOOD 9-5 job now (actually at the same company that Papa and I both work) and he is staying with us every Thursday night until he completes this last college course before graduation. So Papa gets more facetime with his first born.

Rumor has it that Almost Step-Daughter is no longer with child (nature stepped in). We are sorry for her if this is true but on the other hand she is not in a good place in her life at this time to welcome another child so maybe nature knew what she was doing.

And the P's are the P's---Perfect and Precious as usual. Perfect can really carry on a conversation with the best of us now....almost. A few nights ago, the P's and I were in the basement playing and it got chilly so I told Perfect to go to the bottom of the stairs and yell up to Papa to come down and light the stove for us that we were cold. Perfect went over to the stairs and yelled up "Papa, Papa, blah blah blah blah Grammy blah blah blah COLD." Guess I overloaded him with too many words to repeat. But hey, he got Papa's attention regardless of what came out.

Precious is crawling and so close to walking right now. And she's learning the word "No". Last night we were "fighting" about her desire to push all the framed pictures off the end table....repeatedly. I put the pictures back on the table a number of times---Perfect learned what he was not allowed to touch at Grammy's house so I was determined that Precious follow the same path. It took a while and I'm sure she'll have forgotten by next Wednesday but by the end of the night, she would stand at the table and look at me, I would say "NO" loudly. She would whimper a bit but move along to something else. She's so got her mother's temperment. She doesn't like to be told no but when she starts to whimper, I would ask her what's wrong and would receive a big smile.

So I said in my last blog that we have had a routine January and early February but I guess after writing about all the above, it's not been such a routine life after all, alot has happened and I think those black-eyed peas have worked so far. Life's been good.

Signing off....Grammy


Hello readers, it's been some time since we talked. Routine life for January and early February. We have been enjoying some nice country weekends though which I'll report about in the next few blogs. A few weekends ago, we resumed a habit that we used to have some months ago.

In New Haven, two towns over from us, they have a tiny movie theatre that is a remnant from the 1940's. It's called The Walt and it is located downtown sandwiched between the Missouri river behind and train tracks that run along the front of the downtown area.

It has been renovated--new paint, carpeting, etc.--but it still looks similar to what it must have looked like in the 1940's. Very small box office, small concession stand. There is an upstairs balcony with hardwood floors, then the main floor with a small lobby, and the restrooms are located in the basement.

Some college kids run this theatre--we see the same two or three kids every time we've gone and when there is "something" going on, i.e., a local fair, holiday, or really any sort of festival, the theatre is not open. Otherwise, they show one movie per weekend. The same movie with one showing on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday early evening.

We love going to the The Walt mostly for the ambiance, the old time feel of the theatre, and the train usually goes by twice per movie tooting its horn as it passes. They show first run movies for only $3.50 a person (this price was recently raised from $3). The popcorn is freshly popped and all the concessions are priced rather cheap. So Papa and I can see a good movie and have snacks for usually about $10. A cheap night of fun including a bit of nostalgia which Papa lives for.

In the lobby of the theatre, they have framed telegrams and pictures from the opening week of The Walt from celebrities of that era such as Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. We have since learned that many theatres were opened up along the train tracks such as the The Walt as this was the main source of long distance transportation for most people. And a theatre opening was a big thing. Celebrities would travel by train for theatre openings and then return for premieres of movies that they were in.

Anyway, this theatre doesn't open until 7:00 and the movie starts at 7:30 so we used to have a little logistics problem getting ourselves there. This was because The Walt no longer advertises what the weekend movie is. We used to be able to check the paper and decide if wanted to go or not. Then the advertisements stopped about 2 years ago. So since New Haven is a bit of a distance from our country home, we couldn't really wait until 7 to call and so we would just drive over and take our chances on what was showing--if there was something showing. I think we only walked out of one movie (that was too awful to sit through).

A few times we arrived in New Haven to find The Walt wasn't showing a movie for some reason we couldn't figure out, so we would have to turn around and go home. They had a phone number to call but in the beginning there was no answering machine, so if you called before 7, it would just ring. Then about a year ago, they got an answering machine but there was some sort of glitch in their system. The phone would ring about 10 times and then a Spanish speaking woman would answer and leave the message--in Spanish and hang up but there was no beep for us to leave a message. We also couldn't figure out what she was saying.

We even went as far as driving over one afternoon and checking in with the Chamber of Commerce/NewHaven Museum (and getting a short tour of the history of the town) only to find out the number we had was the number they also had for the theatre. The woman working at the Chamber of Commerce/New Haven Museum couldn't explain the weird message we received when we called but she assured us, they were still open and showing movies on weekends.

After a few "misses" we just got frustrated and quit driving over there. This was sometime last Spring. Then three weeks ago, Papa said "Wonder what's showing at The Walt?" and I picked up the phone and dialed the number and lo and behold an English speaking man answered with a coherent message about the movie showing that weekend. It was something we thought would be fun, so off we went and were so excited to find that nothing else had changed about The Walt experience. It was like we never had a large gap of non-attendance. And wonder of wonders, every week about Wednesday, I can call over and get the same nice message filling me in on the next weekend's movie.

So being creatures of habit, Papa and I can now be found at The Walt pretty much every Saturday night now. If you find yourself without anything to do, drive over to New Haven, MO. You'll see a good movie, had some tasty snacks, and experience a little of the 1940's as well.

Until next time....Grammy