Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back to Writing

What to say....LIFE!

Woke up very early, with the sunrise, on Sunday morning out in the country, Massey Ponds. Sat outside with Snoopy and watched the sun come up and light up the wild pampas grass that is growing in the front yard. Thought I should go in and grab the camera and try to capture that picture but knew I probably couldn't. So still and so beautiful and almost quiet with just the few winter birds left.

Watched some deer walking through the side woods heading down to the front to grab a drink and cross the road into the woods at Massey Gardens. For once, Snoopy didn't attempt to chase them....in the funny way she mimics them...the deer/kangaroo hop we call it. Another thing you'll just have to visualize.

Then the near silent, peaceful Sunday morning was shattered with Papa in the house talking to himself and gun shots in the distance (it is hunting season) and the sounds of a hunter walking in the side woods. But I think my deer are safe in the woods at Massey Gardens. No hunting there......more to come.

Contented Grammy