Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Love Bug

Another quiet week or so but have been sick. Poor little Perfect had a rough go of the croup and Grammy, here, got the adult version (doc calls it bronchitis and pharynxitis--accused the doc of making up that word but he suggested I look it up on the internet--he knows I do that!!) But both Perfect and I (as well as DD, who also suffered with this illness) are all headed on the road to wellness.

This was pretty much the first time in his two years here that Perfect has gotten ill and the first time, we've all had to worry about passing germs around or not passing germs around. Everyone was so sick that Papa insinuated that distances need to be maintained or we're all "going down with it". But through all the handwashing and Lysol spraying that was done, when little Perfect was laying there with his big orange lips (from a popsicle) in the ER hospital bed, what Grammy wouldn't have gone up to him with big hugs and a kiss, not once but several times. Sometimes those Love Bugs are much more important than any Sick Bug.

But for the rest of you....time for that flu shot!

Stay tuned.

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I Am said...

Luv you GT. I hope to catch the love buy someday in my near future.