Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We are always building pools at our house. I really think we should just get a pool built-in and be done with it all.

This is the first summer that Perfect needed a pool....(yes those are my legs, naturally I'm in there with him!)

Then last year we built this monstrosity.

Papa taking it for a test run.

and then Perfect.

Then this summer we decided to forgo the big pool monster and get something more manageable for tiny children.

Perfect seemed to really enjoy it...Precious, being the diva she is, didn't enjoy the spray in her face and passed.

So one country weekend, I found this and thought Precious would really enjoy it more.

She didn't.

Maybe next year will be a better pool year.

Persistent Pool-Purchaser Grammy

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I Am said...

I'm so happy to see you have found a new "cause" to support........and all the pool suppliers and there familys thank you to :)