Monday, September 15, 2008


OK, so it is getting easier, I'm happy to report, since it's been all of 10 minutes since I posted the first blog. I'm calling my page Grammy Talks but that does not necessarily mean that I am going to focus on talking endlessly about my perfect grandchildren. I have kids, almost steps, a son-in-law, son's "serious" girlfriend, almost step grandson, and the "serious" girlfriend's children.

So Grammy Talks will, of course, contain stories about all of the above and my beloved friends that I took to calling, "The Elders", over the past weekend. We're not THAT old but compared to the teens/20/30 somethings out there, we often feel quite wise and world-savy and have quite of lot "experience" in life individually as well as a group that probably needs to be shared somewhere so guess this will be as good a place as any.

I also picked that name because when I think of my life at this time, being a grandma is pretty defining to me. Sometimes when you ask someone who they are, they say a lawyer (career defining), a soccer mom (children defining), so and so's wife (defined by another), and on and on. Sure I have a job, kids, an almost husband, like to read, write, eat ice cream, etc. BUT I am also Perfect grandson's and Precious granddaughter's GRAMMY. (see how easy those fictitious names just popped up!)

They changed my life at a time when it definitely needed changing and I have a different outlook on everything (or so it seems). I'm still the same person only Grammy-improved and I like that!

Stay tuned (and feel free to comment about improvements I can make with this blog or things you may just want my opinion about!! I'm always looking for material.)

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