Monday, September 15, 2008


The I mentioned in my profile, I'm always being told I need to write some of my stories or "insights" down so the other day I sat down and created this blog page and then....just stared at it.

What to write? Who knew? Certainly, not me. So I did what I usually do, closed the page down and wrote a few emails, texted a few friends, thought about it alot, and discussed it over with some of my friends over the weekend (we even got into an entertaining grammer discussion about our 9th grade English teacher with her Dear Abby hairdo).

Why is this so hard? Because "others" may read it? Because I might write about someone that may offend. What I write is now out there far and wide and not just sent to a few select individuals and kept private from others. Anyone AND everyone can, may, could, would read what I write. That's scary, so I'm going back to not thinking about all that and pretty much pretending that I'm writing to myself, for myself BUT I will NOT post anyone's real names....hear that, my friends, I'm making up fictitious names for you all and who knows the stories may be fictitious as well (OK, that last sentence will be my disclaimer and hopefully keep me out of trouble and with my long-lasting friendships intact!)

OK, Part I is over hopefully, Part II may be easier!

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