Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Oh boy, you blog readers. I've been carrying around a little notebook and writing down ideas and have almost filled a page so far so have lots to say!!

First though, I've had some readers who either didn't begin at the very first blog where I started explaining my "rules", or they didn't read through EVERY blog and retain well, or probably they are all my age and I know, our short term memory they asked for a legend to help keep up with all my "fictitious" people.

Well, I haven't figured out how to do something like that on the side so until I investigate that more or someone tells me how, I've decided I'll just have to do LEGEND blogs from time to time to catch you all up on who everyone is.

First, I am Grammy!! Perfect is my two year old grandson and Precious is my 7 month old granddaughter. With me so far?

Papa is my "almost husband" who I've been with/lived with for many years although we've never married. My almost step-son and almost step-daughter and almost step-grandson are his kids and grandson.

Snoopy is my dog.

FS = Fantastic Son (mine) and DD = Darling Daughter (mine). I've yet to name the SIL (son-in-law) probably a good thing, eh! Oh and Perfect and Precious belong to my DD and SIL. Serious Girlfriend is my son's girlfriend and the possible bonus grandchildren are her three kids. Still with me?

The Elders are my group of closest girlfriends. I've mentioned Aunt Cracker (aka Samtastic) and I've named the others, I believe.

Polly (as in Polly Pundit or Pollyanna---because of something she announced to me one night at a CSN&Y concert and also, she always sees the good side of things) and Tiny Sun (can also be shortened to to Tiny or Sun---our small in stature Elder who also radiates Happiness or Sunnyness). You can figure out who's who!!

I find it quite interesting, especially with several very negatives in all of our Elder's lives, that we are for the most part, a group of very positive, optimistic gals and chose to look at the positive, interested in having big fun (especially when we are together), and we laugh...ALOT. And individually I find it interesting that each of us has surrounded ourselves with happy people.

Eat your heart out, those of you yet to find an Elder group such as I have! I wouldn't give mine up for the world.

Lana (is a co-worker, I picked that name because she uses it as her "bar name" for people she doesn't care for) and Mr. Fun is her husband (that is a tongue-in-cheek name!).

The Professor is my brother's friend/housemate/employer.

And finally Joe is Aunt Cracker's youngest son and Joe is also our renter in the country (but I messed up and used his real name, but figure since he doesn't own a computer, he'll never know!!)

I know I have several others still to due time, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with too many names and/or new characters so until now, that's all you'll get. Please let me know if I've forgotten someone in this particular blog that I've talked about already.

OK, that's a lot for you to digest today so I'll stop for now and write more later.


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