Friday, November 21, 2008

"RACY" Grammy

Someone suggested I write more "racy" articles to gain more readers. I've been thinking about that and/or how to do that and have decided that "racy" is just not me. I don't really lead a "racy" life or engage in "racy" activities. I work, watch movies and tv, hang out with my family. My main social activities are things I do with my Elder group, some of that could be considered "racy" (mostly in the past) but let's face it, we're all looking in the face of 50, have responsible jobs/lives, grown kids, grandkids, etc. And do we really want our "racy" activities posted for all to see, not that there are any.

I kind of want to be able to look my kids and grandkids and assorted others in the eye and not wonder if they have read about....... Even if it might be something from my youth that I might think about writing about. I just won't.

I was a perfect, well-behaved child and that's all my kids and grandkids and assorted others need to KNOW.

On to other subjects. Perfect and Precious are doing well the last few Wednesdays they have been over. No, Perfect did not grow out of his terrible two's YET but we are getting more of a grasp of this behavior.

1) Hide the fruit bowl because as DD says, he is not asking for the banana, apple, etc. He just says the words because he knows them now. This cuts down on pieces of fruit laying about the house with one bite out of it. 2) Made some more Grammy rules...we will no longer be running or jumping in the house and the back door is kept locked up until we are waiting for SIL to arrive, which keeps Perfect inside under our watchful eyes. And the biggie 3) Be consistent....if you threaten time out, he must sit in time out. No matter how cute he is.

OH, and hands off the DVD player. Last week he was watching a Blues Clues DVD and we happened to be in the other room and he shoved the Cars DVD in the playing DVD player to also watch......well, after some stress and time and using tweezers, we were able to remove the two DVDs, straighten out the bent tray, and get the DVD player back working except the Cars DVD is still having some issues.

Precious is wanting so badly to become mobile. Perfect and I were trying to teach her to crawl the other night and she mostly resembled a rocking seal. Her arms and legs were flailing about and she was rocking back and forth on her belly but not making any forward progress. Perfect and I were both crawling about on our hands and knees saying 'watch us', until Perfect decided it was wrestling time and launched an attack on Grammy. Not good for Grammy's bad neck and shoulder, so we ceased that night's crawling lesson.

Then last week, I discovered that Precious is our bookworm. I so love to read and neither FS or DD are the insatiable reader that I am. DD reads a bit but I think FS has read just one handful of books. I've tried, over the 2 years he's been here, to read to Perfect and he doesn't have the patience and wants the pages turned or takes the book away from me.

But the other night Papa picked up a book and sat Precious next to him and started reading. She just stared at the book and sometimes touched the pictures and then turned her head around stared at Papa listening to him read. He'd turn the page and they did it all again. Then she was on the floor later with books all around her and just so enjoying herself looking at all the books. Finally, someone in my bloodline who shares a trait with me that I love!! Time to change the will, Precious gets the books.

I'm off to the country in a few minutes, hope everyone has a relaxing, fun-filled (and possibly "racy") weekend.


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