Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My goodness, two blogs in one day. I'm home from work today on a sick day and am finding myself with extra time on my hands while I'm recovering from another nerve block. This is the second one I've had (the first one in November) and let me tell you they do not compare to the magical epidural injections I had received before. Yesterday, I told Dr. Magic that he must get his money back from his numbing medication because it obviously is NOT working whatsoever.

These injections are given to me in the side of my neck directly on the site where I experience the most pain and they go directly into the joints and are focused on the nerves and extremely unpleasant. They load me up on Valium as before but I am almost coming out of my skin when the injections start. I'm supposed to keep my shoulders relaxed and be very still but my fists are clenched until my palms are almost bleeding and I shake my feet the entire time much to the distress of Dr. Magic. He is sure I might move my head while my other body parts are shaking and rattling around but I do manage to maintain my head and neck in complete stillness.

The first three injections were focused on my bulging discs and the nerve that was being pinched causing the pain in my arm and shoulder---they seemed to have worked. These last two injections are focused on alleviating my arthritis pain in my neck and shoulder. The first one didn't seem to do alot. My shoulder felt a little better but the pain in my neck was never reduced and when I stop my pain pills and muscle relaxers three days before an injection, I really feel the pain that is masked most of the time. I'm supposed to be pretty horizontal today with ice bags and upping the pain meds and for the most part that's what I've done, but I'm bored easily today for some reason (I do know about all things presidential, however, as the inaguaration of Obama is on all channels).

Anyhoo, I have 7 to 10 days to notice if I am helped by the injection and if not, I have a follow-up visit in two months to discuss Plan C if needed.

Hopped up on pain medicine Grammy signing off for the day.

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