Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, one thing I am is a procrastinator, pure and simple. Happy New Year (I say on January 20) but at times I do get a little OBE (overcome by events) and my writing in my blog is the victim. Actually everywhere I write is a victim.

Besides this blog, I try to write a daily personal journal (of which I'm about a year behind in but I keep calendars and notes as I go along so hopefully I can write about the main events). I also write two separate journals, one for each of the P's, just having a conversation with them and sharing thoughts and information on their development and life. I hope to pass these journals on to them when they are much, much older and I hope they will be able to enjoy reading about their growth and development and funny stories of things that happen in their lives as well as their families' lives.

Our new year has started off pretty routinely. We're back to work and just chugging along through the winter (which I'm already tired of).

Our New Year's Eve was non-eventful. Papa and I stayed home (in the country) but we both did stay up to see the New Year come in. Very quietly in the country. I talked to Fantastic Son early in the evening (about 10:30 since he didn't think I would be up at midnight--this kid so knows his mother!) But I surprised him with a text message at midnight, as well as texting Darling Daughter, who was having a New Year's Eve party at her house with some close friends.

My kids love New Year's Eve. When they were very young, we used to spend every New Year's Eve at Aunt Cracker's house and we CELEBRATED. At midnight, the kids would get apple juice or some sort of kiddie cocktail in a champagne flute and get to toast in the New Year and we would all go outside and bang pots and pans and shoot off fireworks. I was telling Aunt Cracker recently how those parties influenced my kids so much and they try to maintain tradition every year. DD took pictures of Precious with a fancy New Year's Eve party hat on and Perfect was drinking juice in his champagne flute. FS was also at a party and he and Serious Girlfriend had all the bonus kids in tow with them as well. So from Arizona to Missouri there were small children in hats, making toasts and banging on pans. Happy 2009 World.

Until next time......Grammy

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