Friday, April 3, 2009


Friday, Friday, Friday, SOOO glad today is Friday. This has been a long week for me starting on Sunday when my computer problems struck. Even though that was worked out by Tuesday night......I'm still recooping from the stress of that.

I have noticed that the older I get, I ALWAYS need a day or two or more to recoop from anything/everything that happens that causes stress. I'm big on all that "take care of yourself", "give yourself some time" stuff and sometimes wonder if I give myself too much time or pamper myself just a bit much......NAW!!

Wednesday was P day and what a day. Papa had abandoned me in favor of the country and his search for old, derelict cars, so I was outnumbered from the get go. Precious was sick. Turns out she had an ear infection and went to the doctor on Thursday for medicine (she's feeling much better today). But Wednesday she was sick and running a fever most of the night.

Because of Precious's needy nature on Wednesday though, Perfect felt a bit overlooked and really hit all his Grammy boundaries hard!

Since Precious was under the weather, we scratched a walk off our list and scratched basement play off the list as well. It tends to get a little chilly down there without the stove on. Since Papa was gone and he has yet (we've lived in this house for 4 years) to show me how to turn on the gas for that stove, there was no way to heat up the downstairs. Need to put that on the top of my next list....1. Learn how to light the stove.

So we were restricted to upstairs activities.

See she doesn't feel good, thumb was a constant on Wednesday.

Aunt Cracker, notice my pack 'n play is gone.....really quite easy, pull the "string" in the middle of the bottom and it all folds up magically....even got everything into the handy carrying bag (except the mobile). But I digress...

Perfect started the afternoon just fine....watching Cars and having a "chip break."

And Precious had a conversation with Snoopy.

"take me away, doggy" Poor thing and this was how she spent the rest of the evening when she wasn't in my arms, standing with her arms up crying, demanding to be picked up. Droopy eyes, runny nose (made worse by crying) and a Grammy, who for the life of her, couldn't figure out how to work the ear thermometer. Who knew to leave the protective cap on---wasn't a protective cap at all but part of the thermometer's "workings".

In the other room, Perfect was constant motion--running from here to there and jumping and falling and yelling. I didn't have a chance to capture his photo but these pictures that his mother took earlier caught the mood.

Yes, I'm a stinker!

Did I do that??

Just let me kiss you and make it all better!

Let's do it AGAIN!

How can you be too angry at this tiny boy? But it took him back a minute when we heard the back door open and I announced 'Finally, the police have arrived to take you to the Bad Boy's Home' but that lasted only a second until his dad walked around the corner.

Hum...maybe it wasn't the computer stress that I needed recovering from.....

Have a magnificent weekend....Grammy

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