Friday, April 17, 2009

Colds, Earaches, Spider Bites, Birthday Parties, Easter

OK, well, I might not write about ALL of that today but that's been our life lately.

The P's have been sick quite alot in the past couple of weeks; they've also been hanging out alot at the gym's nursery (the gym that DD and SIL attend). So 2+2 were put together and it was decided that the nursery may be the root cause of these various illnesses.

The last blog I mentioned that Precious had an earache and that was off and on around her birthday weekend.

Precious greeting some visitors. She was a beautiful birthday girl and her mama and daddy put on a nice first birthday party for her, her family, and her friends.

Perfect also had a grand time and was completely astounded that Precious was being allowed to stick her fingers in her birthday cake....

He must not remember his first birthday party.

Then when the partying was over, Precious went back down with another earache and temperature and another doctor's visit. During this week, I discovered that I had a spider bite....on my behind.....the second one I've had in close to the same spot. I think they get me while I'm asleep at the country house. The first time this happened, I went to the doctor and lost all my pride as I'm standing with my pants down around my ankles and doctor has a magnifying glass out examining my behind and saying "Yes, I see the fang marks of a spider."

Since I still had cream left over from the previous bite, I decided I would try to pass on another humiliating experience at the doc's unless I had no choice and needed an antibiotic. This has seemed to work although it's been a slower healing process without the use of an antibiotic, but I'm healing. And no, there are no pictures of this, sorry.

Then right before Easter weekend, Precious broke out in an all-over rash.

So another trip to the doctor was in order to diagnose this bumpy baby. Turns out she is allergic to penicillin now (just like her Grammy). A few doses of Benadryl and her rash was gone and as of Wednesday she seemed back to her old self. Perfect was a bit under the weather though with a stomach virus that he had earlier in the week.

Updates: my computer flies along at the speed of light now. D Computer Guru's suggestion of more memory cards has worked marvelously and the installation was a piece of cake. Now I'm trying to get my router for the laptop in tip-top shape and have a dial-up solution for the country house. It's slow but hey, that's all that's available out there for is the country.

I've added some new blog friends for our entertainment. "My Blog" is J.A. Jance, another author who has about 4 series out now--love them all---three are set in Arizona and one in Seattle--check her out. Then there are a couple of others that looked interesting to me but I haven't delved in them too deeply. I'll file a report soon.

Ok, that's enough for today......I'll save my Easter report for next time.

Until then....Grammy


pat said...

your grandkids are gorgeous! I'm so jealous!

Tammy said...

Why thank you very much. We all think they are too!!