Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Return of the Attack Lilies!

OK, I'm back continuing from last week. So three years ago, I bought these small colorful flowers for my front bed at the city house. Filled the whole thing up with colorful annuals, I thought but every time I receive a mum (for some reason, I receive these as gifts quite frequently), I also plant it in the same bed.

Then last year, these 'things' start growing out there. Who knew I had mistakenly planted a perennial, that wasn't a mum, something that would actually return for a second year, me of the black thumb.

But what were they. Daily, I watched these things in amazement grow and grow until about July, they started blooming. Lilies. And they were gorgeous.

So this year when the lily "trees" sprouted and started heading to the sky, I wasn't as surprised. Although they are more---have multiplied and are much bigger. Everyone that has seen them have commented they have never seen such big lilies. DD says they are a bit scary.

The P's were a little hesitant as well.

I can actually lay in bed with the window open (when it's not 100 degrees outside) and look eye to eye to lilies!

They are mine. I planted them. They grew. And now I want enlist in some sort of gardening club or plant show to show them off......well, maybe not. But I am so proud of my new babies, I have started helping them stay alive but watering them daily (it IS 100 degrees here EVERY DAY lately).

Green Thumb Granny!

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