Friday, June 5, 2009

Sobering Events

Well, as I've said before when I get OBE (overcome by events) my writing EVERYWHERE is what suffers the most. You know, sometimes you get too tired to even string a couple of words together and I haven't figured out how to spell grunts yet.

Had a rough week or so. A friend from work was killed in a car accident last week and I went to the funeral visitation earlier in the week. I usually do OK at funeral homes now versus my behavior a few years ago (better left untold). But right off the bat, as soon as I walked in the door. What did I see? Her dog, who had a bed next to the casket with a stuffed bunny on it and a pair of my deceased friend's shoes. Oh my lord. Now seeing as I cry at "touching" commercials these days, seeing that led to extreme weepiness all the way to the widower who was chatty and dry-eyed. How terrible if I had to explain, the tears weren't for the losing of his wife/my friend, but for the sad dog laying on the dog bed. (Not that I was unaffected by the loss of my friend and co-worker.)

Papa has commented that he doesn't understand how I can watch grisly true crime stuff on tv but if I'm watching a movie where an animal is molested in some way (let alone killed), I fall apart and usually end up leaving the room (a movie where in reality the animal is just another actor and is just fine). Yeah, I don't understand it either.

Then this week I learned that some good friends from high school lost their youngest son in a horrendous way. That threw me for another loop, so I've spent countless hours dwelling on life in general and am thankful that Fantastic Son especially (but all the other offspring of Papa and I as well) made it to adulthood and seem to be happy and living life. My heart goes out to the parents of Alex.

Otherwise the last weeks or so have been rather mundane in other areas.

Until later....Grammy

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