Monday, May 17, 2010

Belize - PART 2

So I left our story of Belize in the Altun Ha ruins. Very interesting, very hot, very bug infested...your typical jungle rain forest setting...felt very Lost-like there.

After viewing all there was to view, we boarded our bus for the trip farther inland to the "resort". Said loosely. At the Black Orchid resort, we ate, bought a souvenir or two and boarded our boat for our Rio Wallace tour. Again, Mah-lisa was our tour guide (below in the bright yellow shirt) and now we were in the blazing sun on the river instead of in a hot, shady jungle.

Leaving the Black Orchid "resort".

On our river jungle ride we saw Howler Monkeys (look closely in the tree branches).

Crocodiles of all sizes.

and Orange Iguanas.

And then we headed back out to the open sea,,,the Caribbean Sea that is

We were dropped off back at the tourist area in Belize City (again behind the gates away from the criminals) where we did a bit of shopping.

Then it was back to the ship for our usual night of dinner, shows, and bed. Papa seemed to enjoy his birthday day in Central America.

I aim to please.....Grammy.

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