Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cruise Interlude - Part Two -- The Fall

Yep, I'm a faller. I think we've established that, haven't we. And I think I've mentioned that this Spring my allergies have been on overdrive and I was sick for almost three solid weeks with them. Head, chest, ears, everything but that has finally settled down and I finally threw in the towel and started getting allergy shots about two weeks ago, which will continue for about the next year or so...once a week........

So in the middle of the allergy attack, we had an issue with our Gas Company (next blog!) and then I fell!

I'm painting on a Saturday night in the bathroom in the country. The front room of our two room bathroom which is easy enough. I just have solid walls, one window and then the wall with the light fixtures, mirrors, and vanity. I'm about 3/4's done and went and got a chair to do the tops and above the mirror and one minute was standing on the chair and the next minute, I swear, the chair just disinegrated under me into about 10 pieces and I hit the floor before I knew I was falling and landed on my back NATURALLY.

The same back where I cracked my pelvis last August and am still going to see the chiropractor regularly for adjustments, taking pain pills and muscle relaxers for, and Dr. Magic is going to start giving me nerve blocks for. He thinks 9 months of pain is entirely too much and he has these magic shots......

Papa comes running in when he heard me scream and proceeds to yell at me out about destroying the chair----from his mom and dad's kitchen set-----he's sentimental like that.....I couldn't move, he is screaming at me, I'm in tears, IN PAIN, and covered in paint as well. I was holding a roller and a brush when I fell.....I cleaned up the paint when I could stand again; he removed the chair pieces.

I took a hot shower, took the max of pain pills and muscle relaxers and couldn't find an ice bag, so laid with a bag of tator tots on my back and pretty much passed out by 8 p.m.

Before I passed out, Papa did ask if I needed to go to the ER....between gritted teeth, my response was "DON"T TALK TO ME" and then........(here's where you all can laugh).....he brings in the big, full size ladder from the garage "so I can finish painting when I feel better".....I turned off the light in his mid-sentence. The ladder disappeared from the bedroom the next day

The next morning, I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to get out of bed, but was surprised when I did and was just pretty sore, but not in pain like the last fall. I was sore for a couple of days and then went to my regular chiro appointment and told him this sorry tale of woe. He checked me out and determined I just did some soft tissue bruising and he didn't think I even needed an x-ray. Explained that because of our constant work, we might have saved me from alot of damage because I'm more flexible.

Whatever...I escaped the bullet it seems. A couple of days later, Papa and I were getting ready for work in the half-painted bathroom and I just mentioned "you know you are finishing this room, don't you?" Without a second of hesitation, he answered, "Yep, I'll take care of it this weekend." And he did.

Signing off for now,
Bendy, Flexible Grammy


Nezzy said...

Oh girl, I feel for ya, I'm a faller too. The winter is always good 'cause I'm so thickly layered when I fall I just bounce back. The summer falls are harder. Not much protection in flip-flops and shorts! Heeehehehe. I fell bad on the carport just last Tuesday. You take care of yourself!

God bless ya and have a wonderfully 'safe' Wednesday!!!

Teri said...

You made me spit my coffee with your post..not laffin' about the fall of course..but your convo with your hubby afterwards...I must be married to his twin! lol I love your wit and I'd bet you are a FUN lady to be around. Please take care of yourself and I hope you are back to new very soon! Thanks for the laff this am!:-)

Tammy said...

Thanks ladies. Glad you enjoy....and as always after the fact, I can always laugh as well. That's the good thing about life, huh!

Take care....Grammy