Monday, December 29, 2008


Mid-holiday here. Christmas has come and gone and New Year's is just a few days away. Papa headed to the country yesterday; FS left for the cactus state in the early morning (after some flight cancellations and being rerouted through Denver vs. Chicago) and I'm staying at the city house to await the arrival of the trash man tomorrow. Such a task have I.

Papa and I are usually one can people and can afford to miss a trash day here and there (we only get one pickup a week). But after the holiday and having family around for days, we have three overflowing cans out there right now. Too much to ask the neighbors to take care of for us. Snoopy has been having a hard time patroling the grounds and keeping the squirrels out of the trash because we had to put into service our yard waste can which has no lid. Oh the trials and tribulations...

Our holiday was enjoyable. We finally ended the work week with a successful happy hour with co-workers and a very nice dinner with Lana and Mr. Fun. The first few days off work we spent in the country wrapping up loose ends and shopping and resting.

After a few days in the country, I headed back to the city to get ready for the onslaught. Darling Daughter and I took the P's to see Santa,,,not really a failure....they were both crying and screaming but we got that all important picture we wanted of them and Santa. We also started a new tradition of going to Build-a-Bear and getting them Christmas Bears (although Precious picked out a bunny and Perfect picked out a dog). It's now a tradition because I joined some sort of money-saving club and have a membership card to show. Yes, we'll be back.

Then Christmas Eve was here and Fantastic Son arrived a little less tornadic than usual. He arrived sick and exhausted. They (him and Serious Girlfriend) just moved into a new house literally the week before. But he left in good health and pretty well rested and well fed. I have so much food here still that it's shameful. He's one person, I don't know why I cook so much. DD, SIL and the P's were over Christmas Eve and Day but Precious stills eats baby food and Perfect eats like a bird (although he did enjoy several dozen cookies). While I cooked enough for a small army not to mention a few meals out and we added some to-go boxes to the mix in the refrigerator.

Cookies, pies, puddings and leftovers from Christmas Day. Yes, I purchased a huge turkey for Christmas and we had all the fixings and everyone seemed to enjoy our "belated Thanksgiving meal".

Everyone also enjoyed their presents. FS actually thinks I met Ben R. (the Steelers QB) because of the autographed picture I gave him--"Nate, Be Your Best...Ben". Aw, the secrets I keep.

Perfect still doesn't understand Christmas and the gobs of presents yet. He arrived and immediately got a Blues Clues DVD from the rack and went to the bedroom to watch it (because we told him he couldn't watch it in the living room---there are just some days I can do without Steve, Joe, Blue and the gang). When we tried to coax him out to open presents, he kept saying "no thanks". (The same comment he made when we took him to see Santa on Tuesday.) He finally did open some presents and got more into the holiday spirit. Precious on the other hand was all about ripping paper left and right. She didn't care whose present she was opening, she had to rip that paper.

Papa and I got our Wii and several packages with it so we'll be improving both our brains and bodies now. And I got an upgraded Ipod that can hold 30,000 songs so I've been downloading music right and left to hurry and get it filled! All in all, it was a nice holiday with our small group.

I spoke to Gulliver (my brother) and The Professor on Christmas Day and they are both doing fine. Papa found out Almost Step-Daughter is pregnant again...not such a fine thing. Oh and I won a prize from the scavenger hunt I told you about a few blogs ago. So Tiny Sun and I have a date to lunch and do some shopping with our winnings (I'm sharing).

But now it's just Snoopy and I all alone at home waiting on the trashman....with two tons of food scattered about on tables and cabinets and in the refrigerator. I should possibly be filling more bags of trash in the form of leftovers before tomorrow arrives. But I think I'll have a snack first and go visit the Mii's I've made.


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