Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's been ages since I've had any spare time to blog and I feel so bad for my two peeps! LOL. So here goes.

In a nutshell, we've had Easter and then Papa and I flew away to the cactus state to visit Fantastic Son, Serious Girlfriend, and to meet the bonus kids (I'll have to think up some names for those sweeties before too long.). And we thought we were in the throes of the Swine Flu the past few days but turns out Papa just has a nasty upper respiratory infection now. I'm not sure what the indicator is because he sure has all the flu symptoms and it worried him (and me) enough that he called the doc right away and went in Monday.

I have a neck update, pet catch-up, a retirement, and a hair incident also to discuss. And, of course, what have the P's been up to?! I'm gonna be writing for days.

First, Easter. The weekend started out with me and Perfect having some Grammy and Perfect one-on-one time to color and decorate our Easter eggs. We decided that since Precious puts EVERYTHING into her mouth, that trying to color eggs with her would be a nightmare. I could just visualize her face looking like an Easter egg, being an assortment of bright colors! Here's what dinnertime looks like on her now.

Myself, I was a bit concerned how much plastic it was going to take to cover the kitchen and Perfect before we started the egg decorating! But I decided my best bet was to put an old quilt down on the floor and we would work there. It took me considerable effort to get up and down and up and down....boy, I need some more exercise. We perserved though and got the eggs done.

So here we are getting ready to start--Perfect is covered also although not in plastic! I wanted to show that so you all don't call the child protective people on me.

After coloring, Perfect picked out the "perfect" stickers to apply.

So a successful activity for the two of us with minimal mess to clean up.

When we finished, Perfect and I capped off our evening (we had already had our Mighty Kids Meals from McD's) with a trip to the grocery store. I have always wanted to drive one of those racecar carts around and this was the perfect opportunity. Thankfully, the store wasn't that crowded because we did our share of knocking into things and people. Perfect has already learned to say "excuse me" so his tiny boy voice "excuse mes" probably kept us out of more trouble than intended.

Halfway through our shopping, DD called and said she would come to the store and pick Perfect up because they were done with their dinner out. I had to scramble after one look at my cart and say "No, we're almost done, we'll meet you at the house." I figured my choices were continuing to drive around with the racecar cart and NO child and endure nasty looks or move all the cart's contents into a regular cart so I could retain my guise as an ordinary shopper (on the outside). We were having too much fun though. (DD did advise me to watch Perfect's head as he likes to look over the side at the "wheels" and sometimes gets banged into things....we learned that the hard way before her call.)

So, who knew years ago that my current favorite Friday night activity would consist of decorating eggs with a tiny boy and then running around a grocery store driving a racecar shopping cart (sound effects and all).

And the favorite part was late in the night going to the refrigerator for a drink and seeing this.

More to come....Grammy

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