Sunday, August 9, 2009


Ok, so we've moved over to Massey Ponds and now the real work begins. So far we've finished three bedrooms about 95%---that 5% though literally drives me crazy. I want to finish something 100% but it doesn't seem to bother Papa to leave things hanging----INDEFINITELY.

The bathroom is also running at about 90%. Showers can be taken (and it's all decorated with new carpets and curtains and accessories but there is an issue with the toilet and a leak and we're not sure how to fix this. Papa thinks he's cracked it somewhere but after a trip to Lowes's yesterday, we may have a solution. Cross those fingers.

Also, the cabinet. We had two full-size bathrooms at Massey Gardens and have had to downsize to one full-size bathroom. So I purchased a nice cabinet and additional floor shelves and after pitching alot of excess, we are seeming to fit into our one bathroom. Anyway, Papa was putting together the cabinet at the city house one day while DD was dropping off the P's and she said she called his attention to something and he subsequently blew her off.

On the following Friday, I was unloading the cabinet from the car and noticed something was off. The end cap was on the wrong end OR the door was installed upside down. When it stood right side up, the finished end cap was on the bottom but when the finished end cap was on the top, the door was upside down. I called Papa who insisted he followed the directions and all was well, "quit complaining." I mentioned this to DD on a phone call later, and she told me she brought this to his attention the previous Wednesday when he was building it and he "blew her off."

When Papa arrived at the house on Friday night, he went to look at the cabinet and kept assuring me this is what the directions told him to response, "Seriously, the directions told you this is what it was supposed to look like?" He also went on to say, he didn't see anything wrong with the door. Again, "Seriously, the handle is at the bottom of the cabinet.?" (I will have to remember to take a picture of this cabinet next weekend.) As promised:

Since I'm of the "pick you battles" mindset these days (moving is hard on relationships), I told him to disregard it and I can live with how it looks. About an hour later, he found me and said "I think I see what you're talking about...why don't you empty the cabinet and I'll try to fix it." I'm also of the "Let's get this crap finished already" mindset these days and told him, I've moved on, we'll worry with it later on when we have spare time to fine-tune things. So until we "fix this", if ever you visit Massey Ponds, just be patient with him.

Yesterday we were heavily into staining the kitchen cabinets. Papa bought a new countertop and underneath cabinets in unfinished wood and was hoping I could stain to match the hanging cabinets. I worked on these for about 8 hours and got them quite beautiful in my opinion (shoot, I really do need to work on before and after pictures). I worked on Papa verbally for those 8 hours to let me paint the doors of the hanging cabinets a pretty glossy pine green because I really didn't think I could match them to the underneath cabinets. The underneath cabinets turned out much darker than the hanging cabinets in the end BUT. I grabbed my can of stain and brush and went to work staining the hanging cabinets and by george, they all match now!

Next weekend, I just need to apply the polyurethane to seal it all and Papa can attach the countertop and put the end cap on that (hopefully the correct way!), build the end "box" for the other end and we'll be in the business of filling the rest of the kitchen cabinets and emptying the kitchen of all those boxes finally.

Then it's on to painting.

So last night when I finally got back home to the city late in the evening. I'm warming up some cold pizza and looking forward to a shower and what do I find on PBS? This Old House with Bob Villa. I know how to pour concrete patios now----there's no stopping me.

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I can't wait to see the concrete patio pictures........and the blog of course