Friday, August 7, 2009

We're All Big Kids Now

Perfect is nearing his big #3 and Precious just passed her #1. It seems like they have both been here for so long but it's really just been a drop in the bucket. They are still both so new. Yet it's hard to remember BP--Before the P's.

Precious graduated this week from her high chair to a booster chair and boy was she proud.

She couldn't wait until it was time for dinner and humored Grammy who was taking constant pictures while we were all sitting together for dinner.

We must be making great strides as even Perfect didn't grouse about the camera flashes going off while he was trying to eat. He was digging them mashed potatoes on Wednesday.

After dinner, Precious wasn't done with her chair.

She was just content to sit in her big chair and participate in what life popped her way----be it corn or crayons.

Yep, they're big kids now.

Nostaligic Grammy.

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I Am said...

I loved this----be it corn or crayons.