Thursday, April 29, 2010

CRUISE - Roatan, Honduras

The port that wasn't. We were so looking forward to visiting Roatan as we had some friends that live there. For weeks, we've been emailing back and forth, planning our time on the island. That morning we were up early, had breakfast and then in the dining room, saw Roatan approaching.

We went up to the Promenade deck to watch and it seemed to be such a beautiful island, very green and hilly, unlike flat Cozumel.

But, wait,,,,,something seemed to be wrong.....we were circling around in the ocean as was another cruise ship.

Finally, the captain came on and said due to high winds and rough seas, we weren't able to sail into the port. It was somewhat dangerous.

So we circled around for about an hour and a half and then our captain came back on and said the harbor master had deemed it too dangerous for our big ships to enter the port and so us and the other circling ship were being turned away.

Papa and I photographed ourselves with the island the best we could.

And we proceeded to drown our sorrows in a Sea Day.

Tomorrow, we're going to Belize, CA (that's Central America campers, not California!)


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