Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have been feeling a little freaked out by the idea that I am the same age today as our new President is. We are both 47. I didn't realize this until he announced his new Treasurer Secretary and they said "he was 47 the same age as Obama".... and ME. Unnerving, huh?

At least the Treasurer Secretary (I've forgotten his name) looks like an older person and that makes me feel a little more confident but being the same age as everyone is still freaky to me.

Can you imagine the people that actually attended grade school with Obama? It's funny, my birthday is tomorrow, December 11 and I remember two kids I attended grade school with. Scott, whose birthday is November 10 and Darrin, whose birthday is October 11. Why in the world do these birth dates stick in my head. We were all in the 3rd grade together and birthdays were a big deal. I remember these two boys, one my babysitter's son and the other a neighbor were in my little grade school world and we all thought it was cool that our birthdays were pretty much one month apart.

For some reason these dates have stuck with me all these years and still to this day on October 11 and November 10, I always send out a silent Happy Birthday to them both. Wonder if they remember my birthday? Wonder what little grade school oddity that Obama's classmates remember about him?

So tomorrow I'll turn 48 and then I'll actually be older than the President, not as freaky to me for some reason, until, of course, he turns 48---anyone know when that is?

Swifty Aging Grammy

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I Am said...

OMG YOUR 48??? How could have possible gotten so old? Scott & Darin would be excited to know you think about them on there birtday's. I can't wait to the Valley to tell them now!! :~