Monday, December 15, 2008


Hi readers. Don't really have a topic today. The big ice storm didn't pan out....yet and we are in the final countdown week at work before our two week holiday break. I feel a little better----healthwise, and a little better---Christmas-wise.

Tonight we are going to put up the last tree in the basement. I'm mailing my last package tomorrow to Serious Girlfriend and the bonus kids. My shopping is all done except for Papa and I'm taking him out Saturday to pick out some specific items of clothing he has requested. Tomorrow we have a holiday luncheon at work and Thursday night we have the Holiday Happy Hour. And, of course, Wednesday, the P's will be over.

Then Friday night, Lana and Mr. Fun and Papa and I are having dinner in a little village close to the country house. We started doing this 3 years ago and have made it a tradition that we all would drive out to this quaint area with this marvelous restaurant and we would start our long holiday by having dinner together. The food is spectacular and there is always a nice holiday motiff and a roaring fire in the fireplace. It's all very nice so it's a very fine tradition that I hope lasts for years. Last year FS joined us but he's not coming into town until Christmas Eve this year.

FS's visits are always like a tornado coming through that lasts for several days. This visit, however, we don't have alot planned, so may be a little more relaxed and lowkey, we'll see.

Signing off for now.....Grammy

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