Saturday, December 13, 2008

So I'm a Year Older!

And also older again than our new president! (Don't know why that is so important to me.)

First, I must apologize for any typos and/or grammical errors in this blog. I was reading through some older posts and saw some things and after changing some, I thought what the hell, you can figure out what I'm saying. Maybe if this post-retirement gig pans out, I'll have an editor in the future.

Papa was sick last weekend and into the week and I picked up when he left off mid-week. I'm not as sick, only a 4-5 on the sick scale whereas Papa was a full blown 10, but I feel just as crappy at times.

So I turned 48 on Thursday, a routine day as I was feeling sick on Wednesday and then again on Friday. Thursday, I felt a tad bit ill but attributed it to the tavern pizza I had for lunch. (Polly, our friend "Blue" said hi!)

DD took me out on Thursday night (for my birthday) to her hair stylist who proceeded to give me a hair makeover---cut, highlights, etc. DD says it took ten years off my looks...hum? And I was thinking I didn't look my age yet. Definitely not as old as the new Treasurer Secretary and possibly the new President! But I must say I do like the new look. Papa hasn't really weighed in on it yet. The only time he has ever commented on my looks was when I was contemplating lasik surgery and he said something about he liked me in glasses and didn't know if he could get used to me not wearing any. I didn't really know what to make of that. I ended up not getting lasik but his comment had no effect in my decision, my eyes were just too far gone.

We kind of take each other as we are and are very comfortable around each other. Being sick it was comical one night this week when he walked through the hall and commented on his sexy look....boxers, t-shirt and socks (what he had worn all that day). I laughed and looked down at myself. I'm wearing pj pants that are too small on me that have rainbows and sunshines (yellow) on them, a black t-shirt from some function, and navy blue socks. Oh, how attractive we both were that night but that's what makes our relationship work. We are very comfortable with each other no matter what we look like (in sickness and health, eh!).

For my birthday, Papa took me out to see The Rockettes Friday night. As I mentioned above, I was sick Friday but was going to go to this show come hell or high water. I enjoyed myself until about 3/4's through the show and got real nauseous again. When looking at the person sitting directly in front of me, a young girl about 11-12 in her Christmas finest, all I could think of was I was going to ruin her Christmas experience when I threw up all over her head. So I told Papa we had to leave....NOW.

Feeling better today but not 100% yet. Maybe by the start of the workweek. I hope. It's a busy week for me, the last before a two week holiday break. And, of course, we have doom and disaster forecast in the form of an ice storm starting tomorrow until Tuesday morning. So I can't really be sick and have weather to deal with at the same time. And several Christmas activities scheduled.

And lastly, some good thoughts go to Aunt Cracker's husband, The Weatherman. He is home from the hospital after receiving a new hip this past week and learning how to get about again. Hope your recovery doesn't take too long and please stay inside if the ice comes this week!

Until next time.....Grammy


I Am said...

So did I marry the male version of you?? The Weatherman??

Tammy said...

It was that or Big Ben!