Sunday, April 11, 2010


I know, I will get back to the cruise....I'm buried ankle deep in pictures, so I'm not forgetting one thing about the trip.

We've ALL been sick. Since before Easter. DD had bad sinus's (how DO you pluraize sinus?) and went to the doc, or Walgreen's clinic actually, Easter morning because she felt so bad and has double ear infections. I've been sick since the Saturday night before Easter....allergies,,,,actually had been suffering since we entered Georgia and the tall pine area on the way home from vacation. Saw my allergist the Friday before Easter and he said double-up on all my allergy meds and added an antihistimine/decongestant to the mix.

Well by Saturday night before Easter, my head CRAP all flowed down into my chest and now I'm envisioning the cartoon mucis people on the Mucinex commercial. This is exactly what anti/decon's do to me ALL THE time. Yeah, they clear my head but it's gotta go somewhere.

So Easter Sunday, I'm sick, DD's sick, Papa had a headache (probably sinus), both P's are sick and SIL is the only one feeling halfway good. We had a very abbreviated day to say the least. We were all dreaming of nice, long afternoon naps.

Monday, I stayed home from work. Tuesday I went to work for three hours and after my seal barking was causing my workmates to glare at me ("Seriously, I'm not contagious."), I went home and back to bed. Worked a short day on Wednesday and had the P's and felt oh so bad because I had less than no patience, couldn't talk right, continued coughing, they both had runny noses but were overly energetic and the combination caused alot of Grammy's raised voice and the P's spent an inordinate amount of time in time-out.

Thursday, I went to work where my boss kept trying to send me home. Finally I called my primary doc and went in to see him. I also, have a double ear infection, who knew, my ears don't hurt. But the rest of my "issues" are all allergy based. I just cough and now the mucis people have risen back into my head. Long story shorter, I got alot of meds in addition to all I've been taking that I was told to keep taking.

Friday, DD took the P's in to see their doc, both have sinus infections and Perfect has pneuomina (the beginnings of) and Precious has a horrible rash all over her face and body caused by her virus. So the entire (MO)branch of the family is just chock full of snot and other assorted bacteria. I've turned my a/c on and it's only in the 70's because there is no chance of rain until Friday and the allergens are off the board according to the weather guy on tv.

No one seems to be getting better, I've been on meds for 8 days and have another workweek looming. We did have a birthday party for Precious yesterday (poor thing) and details coming later. And I'm going to start allergy shots late next week. I threw in the towel on Friday and sign the consent forms after some long (hack-filled, blowing, snorting, coughing) phone conversations with my allergist.

My what a negative post but that's this Grammy's life this week and last week and probably next week.

Until next time, here's hoping something I'm taking starts to work.......Grammy

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