Wednesday, April 14, 2010


OK, back to vacation. First,,,,,saw a really cute movie the other day, Julie and Julia. Just really enjoyed it. Also read a good book the other day, Making Toast. Both recommended.

OK, NOW back to the vacation.

With such a large group vacationing together AND our past family vacation history of too much togetherness, it was decided that yeah, we were all going together but it was a big boat and there were a wide range of activities, something to suit every personality, both on the boat and on the island excursions. So we weren't going to try to organize group activities during our vacation. Everyone go and do whatever and have fun and if a few people pick the same things, so be it. No plans. However, since Papa must be kept active, I had planned alot for the two of us. No winging it for us, we knew what we were going to do at least once a day (a planned activity).

But we all discussed about eating as a group. Well that seemed to fall through when DD's group of friend chose the early seating and our group (DD, SIL, Cracker, Weatherman, Papa and I) chose the later seating. Nevertheless, it was decided at least the six of us would meet for dinner at night and share our day's activities.

Here we all were on the first night's dinner--the "come as you are dinner."

The food was pretty marvelous in the dining rooms. Everyone always raves about cruise ship foods and the awesome 24 hour buffets. We had a pretty killer salad from the salad bar and a good burgers but other than that we had one lunch and one breakfast from the buffets and weren't too impressed. Especially when we discovered made to order breakfasts in a dining room on the third day! Now those were awesome.

So Sunday was a sea day and I won't bore you with details....we wandered about, ate, saw a show, sat in the sun and read, walked ALOT from one end to the other exploring, napped and then got dressed up for our first formal dinner--a Captain's Dinner. I really need to invest in a scanner because we got some nice photographer's pictures of all us that night but alas, no scanner, so you're left to come up with your own "sights".

Tomorrow, we're off to Cozumel
Your traveling Grammy

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