Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I laugh when I see those pictures in a magazine or newspaper of people and their pets. You know, those contests where you send in pictures to see who looks the most like their pet.

My pet has taken on my personality, and I've noticed, my "illnesses" as well. We are both constantly trying to lose weight with no good results.

Last year when I fell down the stairs and cracked my pelvis, two weeks later, she "blew" her knee chasing something in the country so we both were on R&R most of the late summer and fall.

I have horrible allergies that seem to get worse every year. When we are driving to the country, Snoopy always wants the window all the way down the last couple of miles so she can hang her head out the window, ears flapping in the breeze. That is until we would hit the gravel road and she would start coughing---dust allergy? It can only be.

This week, my allerigies have picked up and settled in my chest and I've been pretty sick with bronchitis since the weekend. Last night, Snoopy was walking through the house repeatedly sneezing. Papa just says...."unbelievable".

At least we're not looking alike.....YET.

Now this little girl....yeah, I'll agree that we are related!!!

Stay tuned for more cruise story in the near future.


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Nezzy said...

So funny that you and your doggie share illnesses. Heehehehe! Your right...ya look nothing alike.

Now you and that little sweetie...that's a whole other story. What a sweetheart!

God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!