Friday, March 6, 2009


I did it! I did it! I did it! This is what Perfect runs around saying when he has done something astounding and we are all to clap accordingly! I learned how to post a photo, no stopping me now (and you'll notice I went back to some older posts and added pictures too). Is that clapping I hear?

This is Precious about a week ago...isn't she though. She's had a rough month, caught pneumonia and had a bad earache but I'll say she's recovered remarkably. You'll also notice why she has garnered the nickname Petunia (from Papa). She wears flowers. Alot. Flowered headbands and barrettes, flowers on her clothes and I found this flowered hat and it spoke to me "You need this for Petunia!" So I bought it---but it doesn't take much for the wallet to open when I'm thinking of these two. Again, I did it! Here is Precious getting ready to take off. Yes, she's not yet one but is getting ready to go and there is more and more clapping around the house. And not to be forgotten Perfect himself---not sure what he is in this photo but it looks scary!
So there you have actual visions of my P's--Perfect and Precious. Now I'm off to the country for the weekend. It's in the upper 70's here today just gorgeous so a perfect country visit is in order. I'll take the camera!

Signing off for now....Grammy

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