Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, no topic today. I have a bunch of pictures I took in the country this past weekend but my computer is being finicky the last few days and I haven't had a chance to download them. It's being worked on but as I'm the mechanic, it's a very slow process.

I've had to add an additional hard drive which took about 8 hours yesterday (seems I was sold the wrong hard drive to begin with and after 7 hours, made this discovery). Now I'm working on tricking the security suite of my internet company into believing I have much more memory than I have in order to download what they sent me. Helps that I work with some very, very smart "computer people" (software engineers) who are chock-full of tricks that they pass on to me when I go into computer "distress". It is about time to buy a whole new system but, but, but....that seems like such a lot of work backing up everything and reloading, so I'll limp along a little longer with this one.

I did manage to capture with the camera, some yellow forsythia bushes before they turned green entirely and before the snow did them in...Yes, SNOW.

(Sad Daffs,,,,they did look much happier a week or so ago!)

Supposedly, we got a dusting at the country home but I ran like a rat in a sinking ship Saturday afternoon when the forecast got the better of me. We got 3 inches in the city home (or actually outside the city home) but it was all melted by the early afternoon. Now that's the kind of snow I enjoy.

Friday night Papa and I met Tiny Sun and her husband, let's call him Tractor Man for dinner. We went to a restaurant in Washington, American Bounty. I've had some meals there with the Elders in the past and was telling Papa he would enjoy this place since he'd never been and that I'd only eaten on the patio, so I didn't even know what the inside looked like. Until we walked in and realized we had both been there last winter, again with Tiny Sun and Tractor Man. Six months ago. Eating inside. More crossword puzzles are in our future, I can see.

Sun took some pictures of us at dinner so they may possibly end up here if she remembers to send them to me.

OK, so enough blog babbling for today.

Until next time....Grammy

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