Thursday, March 26, 2009


What a gorgeous color this time of the year. Although rain and (deep breath) snow is forecast for Saturday, last weekend in the country, everything was YELLOW.....Daffodils and Forsythia bushes were seen everywhere I went this past weekend. Yellow sun too.

But sadly I didn't have my camera with me and I'm sure by the time I go back out there tomorrow, the yellow will have turned green. But I still have the Dogwoods and Bradford Pear trees to enjoy with their sprouting blooms.

But what I do have is.......

Precious in her Easter dress. She is about to turn 1 in about 2 weeks and so DD took her to get her one year picture(s) taken.

This is her birthday party dress---theme is cupcakes. And, of course, Perfect went along in case he was in the mood for a photograph:

AND, of course, he wasn't. We don't know what's gotten into him lately but he just does not want his picture taken. He's only closing in on 3, surely we haven't worn him out with the camera! But just because he cries and is unhappy, we're not about to miss out on taking his picture, me and DD. We'll continue snapping and then have something to tease him about when he's older.

That reminds me....where are the naked baby pictures of Precious!! (Are you reading this, DD?) I have Perfect's all over my bathroom--where else would the naked pictures belong! These poor children...

They were both over last night and Precious is definitely walking and such a stinker she was. Into everything and she crawls very fast when she doesn't want to be caught, otherwise she tried to walk mostly.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed Perfect was showing a little jealously. I shouldn't really call it that, he was just acting more needy when his sister was getting more attention but he is so sweet with her. She enjoys walking from one person to another and when Papa got busy elsewhere, Perfect became the "catcher" of Precious. She walks about 7-10 steps and then enjoys falling into her "catcher's" arms.

And finally at our house, Elmo is getting dusty, Blues Clues DVDs sit on the shelf unwatched. We are all about CARS now. This Grammy had to go out and buy another CARS DVD (see older blog about the demise of our original CARS DVD) and we watch it about 2-3 times on Wednesday night but poor DD and SIL. They had to also purchase a CARS DVD and it runs non-stop at their house. Precious is hanging right there with her brother and the cars so much so that we are spreading the word that she needs some "girl" cars for her birthday!

Well, enough for today. Hope you still have some yellow in your life to enjoy this week, this Grammy has a tiny little girl in flowers and yellow to brighten up the days.

Until next time.....Grammy

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