Thursday, March 19, 2009


Perfect was born almost three years ago with a "bump" on the back of his neck. It was about the size of a small grape but since the pediatrician wasn't concerned with it, we didn't really worry either. Until he developed a second "bump" on the side of his neck. This caused a bit of concern and so the doc recently sent Darling Daughter and Perfect to another doctor for an investigation.

Turns out the new "bump" was just a lymph node that was swollen for some reason, but not to worry. However, the old "bump" that everyone had grown accustomed to seeing, was not identifiable and so a surgery date---March 11---was selected and this Grammy proceeded to rev up her worrying gene!

March 11 arrived and all were concerned about Perfect not being able to have his glass of chocolate milk as soon as he got out of bed. An every morning habit (for Perfect, Grammy, and Fantastic Son--must be a family thing). DD and SIL (son-in-law) managed to get past that morning habit and to the hospital they went where they proceeded to WAIT for Perfect's surgery to begin, which ended up to be about two hours past what it had been scheduled for.

With everyone praying and sending good thoughts his way, Perfect came through the surgery with flying colors and the "blob" was removed, still unidentifiable by the doctor who sent it the lab for testing.

Perfect entertained his family with his behavior after the "liquid sleeping potion" was given. "He acts drunk." And entertained the Recovery Room staff when he woke up crying because his hand was splinted...including his thumb. You must understand that Perfect comforts himself with his thumb. Any thumb will do but with one out of commission this proved too much for him. If he quit crying and drank some liquid and kept it down, they would remove the splint on his hand and he would be able to get to his thumb. But he continued crying because his thumb was splinted....a viscious circle all around!

What was so entertaining to everyone that didn't know Perfect, was when the nurse kept trying to give him liquid to drink, he would scream and cry and say "no thanks". Polite to the end, our Perfect. The circle was finally broken and Perfect was able to go home, recovered and "blob-free".

No lasting effects whatsoever, Perfect went home and started playing with his cars and watching his favorite television programs. He thought the hospital bracelets everyone had on (DD, SIL and him) were pretty cool but otherwise, he didn't mention his big day at the hospital or his "boo-boo". His parents and his Grammy, however, were exhausted from their day.

Now a week later the "blob" has finally been identified as a sack of excess skin cells, a birth defect, with no lasting problems forecast. THANK GOD. The incision is healing miraculously fast. Perfect has learned to say neck and doctor. And lastly this Grammy has gotten her heart rate and breathing back under control and is able to once again sleep carefree (until the next catastrophe). And life goes on for Perfect.

Until next time.....Grammy

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