Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a Small World, After All

I mentioned yesterday that I was having computer problems that were leading to more computer problems until I was almost ready to start banging my head against the wall or at the least...start crying.

So much for my smart co-workers and their bag of "tricks". Nothing I tried last night would work to trick my internet company into thinking I had more RAM memory than I did.

Sunday I called Aunt Cracker and asked for the phone number of another friend who is wise in the ways of the computer---we'll call him Computer Guru D....or D Computer Guru (I like that better!).

So I called D Computer Guru after seven hours of trying to install a new hard drive to increase my memory---this was what the Office Max guy sold me and said would work. After seven hours, I made a few other calls when D Computer Guru hadn't contacted me. I found out I had been sold the WRONG hard drive. So back to the store, exchanged my drive, and took the correct one home, installed it and did all the things the software told me to and got a "Congratulations, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL" note which I kept on the screen for about an hour just to boost my self-esteem after 8 hours of working on it. Too bad, Perfect wasn't around to clap with me. He would have, you know. I couldn't get Papa to do much but glance at it, no clapping or high-fiving.

So discovering my new drive wasn't doing the trick, I consulted co-workers yesterday and got some ideas on what to try. That didn't work. So this morning, I sent an email to D Computer Guru. First, he gave me a very understandable lesson in Memory: RAM vs HARD 101. For the first time, I understand how it all worked and what I needed---understanding far more than the guy at Office Max did!

And then D Computer Guru simplified things even more.....rather than trying to load what my internet company was trying to make me, uninstall what I had from them that was out of date, and go with a new approach--another free approach with an comparable quality of product. In 1/2 hour at lunch, I had accomplished this--no head banging whatsoever.

Then continuing further, D Computer Guru solved my RAM memory issues for under $20 and a link to Amazon.com (my favorite online shopping site). What a marvel! I wished I would have called him first. I would have saved myself about a $100 for something I can't return, only exchange....STUPID Office Max guy!

But what was so funny was that as I was corresponding to D Computer Guru this afternoon, I realized that a co-worker of mine that sits close by had the same last name as D Computer Guru and I asked "could they be related"? And found out, yes, they are brothers. In fact, my co-worker knows several of my friends, Aunt Cracker, The Weatherman, and another friend or two. It's funny that we've never crossed paths before but we haven't. It just goes to show that it's a small world.

Humming to myself....Grammy.

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