Friday, May 8, 2009

Serial Vacation - Part Deux

As our story continues, we have arrived in Phoenix, retrieved by Fantastic Son, and taken to his new house to settle in. House was very nice but we really missed Serious Girlfriend's built-in pool that was at the other house during our week.

FS lives here with SG and her three kids, three dogs, one cat, and a bird. Our dove, Chase, that I sent to live with him about 3 years ago---I found out that this sort of bird lives forever (or close to it) and he was driving us insane so it was a choice of him going to live in AZ or us "setting him free." Anyway, compared to Papa and I's calm, quiet, routine days with Snoopy, it was a wild, chaotic week.

The naming of the three: The four year old is easy---we'll now refer to her as Wild Child. Older sister is Chatty Cathy and the middle son will now be known as Still (as in Still Waters Run Deep). I've heard middle children have it rough but to be the boy between two sisters, I can imagine his pain.

"The Three" hit the door running at 3:30 and shyness occurred for all of about 30 seconds. If FS isn't working, The Three's dad drops them off from school about this time every day where FS helps them with their homework (I know, it kind of took me aback EVERY DAY when I watched this-love those skulls!) and starts dinner for the family.

I knew you wouldn't believe this without pictures!

So Wednesday night we sampled a little of their "family life".

Thursday was FS's 24th birthday and sometime while I napped that day, an unicycle was purchased by Papa for FS.

Papa owns one (cut and paste this in your browser for another giggle)

and believes everyone should have one and learn to ride. This Grammy is too darn clumsy to even give it a whirl and I have no circus aspirations.

We capped off the evening with a birthday dinner out.

OK, a serial needs at least three parts!!!

Until our next installment....Grammy

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