Monday, May 11, 2009

Vacation--Part Tres

I left off of this fascinating story on Thursday, Fantastic Son's birthday. For the most part, this vacation was really pretty dull. We took alot of naps but as for activities, we couldn't get motivated to do too much. We did have two activities that!

Friday night, we went to Friday Night Franks at old Fort McDowell, somewhere north of Scottsdale. We really had a nice time there. It is an actual old Fort that is on the Yavapai reservation. The Yavapai run the nearby "Indian" casinos and they are trying to attract people over to the old fort for various other activites.

Friday Night Franks was all about hot dogs though, pretty simple. They sold raw dogs and brats that we cooked ourselves over the fire (also smores for dessert). They sold soft drinks and beer very cheap, had a live band, free wagon rides, and every hour a Yavapai would gather the crowd around and tell a story (mostly for the kids' benefit, but we enjoyed them as well).

It was really a beautiful place.

Saturday morning, after Friday Night Franks, we got up early to head for a day trip to the Grand Canyon, our other "activity". Serious Girlfriend and the kids have never been there and have lived in AZ for years and years and I've been three times already. (It's like STL people that have never went up to the top of the Arch!)

But our second activity started on a rough note. Seems FS didn't thoroughly cook his brats from the night before and we, diagnosed that after the fact, he had food poisoning. He woke up Saturday extremely ill but didn't want us to postpone the trip. The Three's had been looking forward to it and had even declined attending a birthday party in favor of a visit to the Big Hole.

So the 7 of us loaded up in the car and after a few stops for various refreshments, headed north, only having to pull over once for FS to throw up and he never used his puke bags, which was a plus. (DD, remember your airplane trips while pregnant and us collecting all the airsick bags for you!!) We left balmy 80 degree Phoenix and drove up the mountain and arrived at Grand Canyon just before noon to sunny, 42 degrees with 50 mph winds (you figure out that wind chill). Of course, the kids didn't have enough clothes on, hence their wearing adult sweatshirts in alot of this pictures! I swear that is the coldest place I go repeatedly but gorgeous all the same and Still told his dad that night on the phone it was his "greatest adventure".

Papa and Chatty

Grammy and FS (hard to smile, when your teeth are chattering)!

Greatest Adventure! The poor things look miserable!

He is such a great Papa!!

Me and The Three's.

It is a beautiful thing though.

Pondering the wonders of the world......Grammy

P.S. This ends our virtual vacation....the rest was alot of eating, napping, and shopping.

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