Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I wanted to write a little more about the "Three bonus kids". Papa and I so enjoyed being around them but not being used to little kids in such huge doses, sometimes it was a little trying.

The oldest, Chatty, was a typical oldest girl. She seemed responsible for the others and was a bit bossy like oldest siblings usually are.

Her and Papa hit it off though and by the 3rd day, I realized she'd stake out the bedroom we were staying in (as she was the first out of bed at the crack of dawn) and as soon as Papa opened the door--thinking he would be able to get out for an early smoke an some solitary tv time--there she was, ready for fun and games with a new "victim."

Both her and her brother love to play games and it wasn't unusual for them to involve Papa in an early game of Chutes and Ladders or some sort of card game BEFORE breakfast and getting ready for school. This Grammy was on vacation, however, and enjoyed just laying in bed listening and letting it all happen without her. And for the week we were there, every morning, Papa still thought he would get away with his morning plans....not so with a determined 7 year old.

Still, the brother, seemed a little bit more reserved. He enjoyed games but seemed to let his oldest sister run the show and make the plans. Serious Girlfriend said he seems to be the most affected about her divorce and not being around his father all the time. He craves male companionship and took to Papa and I can see he is very close to FS as well. I noticed this especially on the Grand Canyon trip, he wanted to hang with the other "boys" alot and daringly walk close to the edge (with Papa usually having hold of him somehow).

He was more quiet than the girls but it was touching when he told his father that the Grand Canyon trip was his "greatest adventure." That makes a person feel good that you provided a "great adventure" for someone.

Then there is the Wild Child.

Can't you just see it in her face. She is so tiny and innocent but after a few days Papa announced "she is the instigator"! SG agreed but says it's for survival purposes having an older brother and sister. Wild likes to play games (or just be involved) but rules---we don't need no stinkin' rules. We got used to playing games and letting her just participate in whatever way she wanted on her turn while the rest of us followed the game's rules. We learned real fast, trying to teach her, just went in one ear and out the other. But she was so darn cute and her eyes just twinkled and smiled without her mouth moving that you couldn't get upset with her.

And that in a nutshell are the "Three". Can't wait to see them again and hope they get to come and have Christmas with us this year.


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